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File a Petition

Information on how to file a petition with the Industrial Board of Appeals can be found with the button below.

E-Filing Petitions

The Board has temporarily suspended the requirement that petitions be filed through first class mail or by personal service to the Board’s office in Albany, NY. Petitions may now be filed via electronic mail in addition to the methods contained in Board Rules 12 NYCRR 65.5. This suspension is effective March 18, 2020, and has now been extended to October 1, 2021, and may be extended further as needed. This suspension and electronic filing method do not affect or toll any time periods prescribed by statute.

Please see the Board's Guideline for Filing Petitions Electronically for detailed instructions. 

E-Filing Correspondence

The Board has created an e-mail box for use in corresponding with parties. Please see the Board's Guideline for Filing Correspondence Electronically for detailed instructions.