Industrial Board of Appeals

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Freedom of Information Law

Requesting Board Records under the Freedom of Information Law "FOIL"

If you wish to obtain copies of documents maintained by the Industrial Board of Appeals, and you believe that you are entitled to these documents pursuant to the Freedom of Information Law, please refer to part 73 of the rules of procedure and practice for the Industrial Board of Appeals.

The designated records access officer for the IBA may be contacted as follows:

Attention: Anne Hohenstein, Managing Attorney
New York State Industrial Board of Appeals
Harriman State Office Campus
Building 12, Room 183
Albany, New York 12240


Tel: (518) 474-4785
Fax: (518) 473-7533

The IBA's Rules of Procedure and Practice Title 12 of the New York State Official Compilation of Codes Rules and Regulations, Chapter 1, Subchapter B, Part 73.


§ 73.2 Location and hours for public access; designation of records access and fiscal officers.

  1. The office of the Industrial Board of Appeals is hereby designated to receive requests for information under the Freedom of Information Law:

    Empire State Plaza
    Agency Building 2, 20th Floor
    Albany, New York 12223
  2. The records access officer shall be Counsel to the Industrial Board of Appeals. All requests for records pursuant to this Part received by the Board shall be referred to Counsel for disposition.
  3. The Industrial Board of Appeals fiscal officer, for purposes of the Freedom of Information Law, shall be Counsel to the Industrial Board of Appeals.
  4. Requests for information will be considered and inspection will be permitted between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. at the Board’s office on all days when such office is open for business.

§ 73.3 Requests for Records.

  1. Requests for payroll information made by bona fide members of the news media upon a form (AC-375) prescribed by the Comptroller of the State of New York shall be referred to Counsel to the Board at the Board's Albany office.
  2. Requests for all other information should be made in writing.
  3. Persons appearing in person to request access to records will be required to produce photo identification and complete the prescribed forms.
  4. Requests made orally will not be entertained.
    • Requests by mail will be processed at the Board's Albany offices, either by mail or by intradepartmental routing.
    • Such requests will be processed if the requester and material sought are sufficiently identified to make compliance practicable. In the absence of such identification, the Board may send to the requester a request for more information in order that the request may be filed.

§ 73.4 Responses to Requests.

    • The records access officer shall respond promptly to a request for records. Except under extraordinary circumstances, a response shall be made no more than five business days after receipt of the request by the records access officer.
    • If more than five (5) business days are required to respond to a request, the records access officer shall acknowledge receipt of the request within five business days after the request is received. The acknowledgement shall state the reason for delay, and estimate the date when a reply will be made.
  1. The records access officer shall:

    • if the request does not clearly identify the records sought, seek additional information from the applicant;
    • approve the request and authorize inspection of and copying of the record, if available, and certify the correctness of such copy; or
    • deny the request and state the reason therefor in writing.
  2. The records access officer shall, in authorizing issuance of copies, direct such omissions and deletions as may be required to protect the personal privacy of individuals in accordance with the requirements of the Freedom of Information Law, or any other applicable law or regulation.

§ 73.5 Fees.

  1. A charge will be made of 25 cents per photocopy of pages not larger than 8-1/2 by 14 inches.
  2. Charges for materials or services not specified by statute or regulation shall be based on the actual cost thereof to the Board.
  3. Payment for information services should be made by cash or check or money order, payable to the New York State Department of Labor.

§ 73.6 Industrial Board of Appeals subject matter list.

The Industrial Board of Appeals shall maintain a subject matter list of records required to be disclosed by Article 6 of the Public Officers Law, and such subject matter list shall be located in the offices of the Industrial Board of Appeals in Albany.

§ 73.7 Denial of Access to Records.

  1. The denial of access to records shall be in writing, setting forth the reason therefor and advising the requester of the right of appeal and the procedure therefor.
  2. If requested records are not provided promptly, as required by Section 73.4(b) of this Part, such failure shall also be deemed a denial of access.
  3. Appeals from the denial of access to records shall be heard by the Board or its authorized representative. Appeals shall be decided by Resolution of the Board.
  4. The time for deciding an appeal shall commence upon receipt of written appeal identifying:
    • The name and address of the requester;
    • The date of the appeal;
    • The date of the requests for records and the location of the records; and
    • The records to which the requester was denied access.
  5. The requester shall be informed of the Board's decision in writing.
  6. A final denial of access to a requested record issued by the Board shall be subject to court review, as provided for in article 78 of the Civil Practice Law and Rules.

§ 73.8 Posted Notice.

The Board shall cause to be conspicuously displayed, a notice clearly indicating:

  1. the records access locations, times and officer designated by the Industrial Board of Appeals;
  2. the schedule of applicable fees; and
  3. the right of a requester to appeal a denial of access and an outline of the procedure to be followed.

§ 73.9 Severability

If any provision of this Part or the application thereof to any person or circumstance is adjudged invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, such judgment shall not affect or impair the validity of the other provisions of this Part or the application thereof to other persons and circumstances.